Facts To Know About Coin Master Game!


Coin master is becoming more trending game around the world due to its 3D graphics, exciting missions besides events. Moon Active develops the game for both iOS and Android platforms. There is no need to pay any cent for downloading or running the game as it is entirely free available, but some of the advanced items are purchasable. In the game, you need to spin the lucky wheel for purchasing different items besides for maintaining the currencies.

Every player needs to improve their Viking village. Also, you can connect the game account with Facebook for earning extra bonuses or tips. There are different coin master cheats and tips available for succeeding in the game. Here we are going to discuss some of the useful ways-

Essential items

If you want to go forward in the game faster like no one another can, try to understand the importance of necessary items. Here we are mentioning some essential things to get in the spin wheel.

•    Hammer- it is a game item, which can be used to attack another village and for destroying them. Don’t forget this weapon can be used only one time to strike communities. So make sure that you can use it in the right place and time.

•    Shields- with the help of shield you can protect your village from enemies attack. Like one can attack other villages, others can also attack him/her town. So getting protection on spins helps you to create village armor.

•    Raid pigs- getting three pig faces on the spin wheel means you are going to the enemy’s village. In that village, a player needs to steal their treasure. Don’t miss this chance from which you can earn lots of items.

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